Strategic Investments

Solidus Domains is a thought leader in the domain investment industry with a specific focus on acquiring domains with unique and powerful Search Engine Optimization qualities.
Our management team, technical expertise, and domain knowledge will provide your business with the edge you need to grow your brand beyond your wildest dreams.

Our services

We are in the business of Domains, plain and simple. With an experienced team of Operators trained at the largest Registrar in the market, Solidus Domains is here to assist in any Domain specific transaction desired. From Domain acquisitions to outbound Domain sales, Solidus Domains is your partner from beginning to end. 

exact match domains

Exact match domains (EMDs) are domains that match generic keywords that are being searched on search engines like google. When used properly, EMDs give you a massive marketing edge to gain more customers in your respective marketplace.

Domain portfolio

Solidus Domains proudly owns hundreds of premium domains that will help your marketing goals. From restaurant owners to realtors, any established businesses will benefit from Solidus Domains. If you would like to hear more about our portfolio, contact us now.

Domain News

Domain Sherpa is the number one source for domain, investor, and seo news. We always find something new and exciting happening in the domain world weekly, at Domain Sherpa.

Domain Aftermarket

DSAD is our go to for all of our aftermarket domain needs. They release daily domain auction recaps/reports to let you know which domains are being sold. Take a look!

Helpful Domain Links

Domain Investing is the perfect site to find a multitude of different domain links. They have information on domain conferences, GTLDs, and DomainTools to keep you busy.